The New Son Alegre Wine Cellar

Camp den Ventura-Vats

We have recently established our own bodega (wine cellar). Since the harvest in August 2015 we have been vinifying, fermenting and creating our Son Alegre organic wines in our own wine cellar, which we share with our sister company Camp d’en Ventura in Calonge (Santanyí).

We have had ultra-modern stainless steel tanks built to order for us with a capacity of 1250, 1800, 2150 and 3500 litres. The vats are equipped with individual internal temperature control systems. The grape harvest at Son Alegre is always performed manually. At the new wine cellar, the grapes were carefully selected by hand, before being pressed by hydraulic means and stored in separate tanks, according to grape variety and location.

Bodega Son Alegre_04

We continue to benefit from the expertise of our good friend Luis Armero González from Bodega Armero i Adrover in Felanitx, who is the oenologist for all our Son Alegre organic wines. Luis Armero is considered to be one of the pioneers of contemporary Mallorcan wine. His work and his wines are always subject to environmental considerations.

Our collaboration with Luis Armero began in 2008 and we are proud of the wines that we have since brought to the market with his help. We are very grateful to Luis for the tireless work and enthusiasm that he has dedicated to our wines so far, as well as for his commitment and passion.

Bodega Son Alegre_03

Our new white wine Es Faralló 2015 and our new rosé wine Roca Fesa 2015 should be ready for consumption any time soon and will be bottled before long; they are both expected to come to the market by the end of March or the beginning of April 2016.

Our new red wine Tricentenari 2014 should also come to the market soon. This wine was elaborated at the bodega of Armero i Adrover in Felanitx, with a fermentation process of 6 months in stainless steel tanks, an ageing period of 6 months in French oak barrels and a resting phase of 9 months in the bottle.

Bodega Son Alegre_02


Our Blog Now Has A German Language Version

Son Alegre is a Mallorcan vineyard from Santanyí. Our land is Mallorcan, our soil is Mallorcan and our climate is Mallorcan. Our language is Mallorcan and many of our customers are Mallorcan. But not all of them. As you well know, Mallorca is a popular destination for residents from many other parts of Europe as well as for tourists from all corners of the world, including many Germans, Brits, Scandinavians, Dutch, French, Italians, Americans and Asians. That’s why we made our website a multilingual website, with all the information given in Catalan, Spanish, English and German. As it happens, we are just about to put on French as a fifth language.

This blog has an international following. We have readers and followers from Spain, the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, USA, Mexico, Denmark, Brazil, Switzerland, Canada, the Netherlands, to name but the tip of the iceberg, as it were. That’s why this blog is published in English, a language better understood worldwide, certainly better than, let’s say, our own Mallorcan language which in its written form is Catalan.

Anyway, lots of people suggested we entertain the idea of a German language blog version. We have always thought of that as a rather good idea but who has the time? Unlike on our land, we cannot delegate the labour of blogging to the ants or the bees, the ladybirds or the insects; we have to do it ourselves. And what next, after the German version? How about French, or Russian or Japanese?

The answer is, obviously, to do it like we do the work on our land, one step at a time. The first step was the website, the second step was the blog in English, and now it is time for the third step. We are proud to announce that a new, German language blog has been created under the name of Weingut Son Alegre and it is online as of now. If you speak German, that’s were you might want to go from now on.

And if you speak Spanish or Portuguese, French or Russian, Japanese or Hindi, with a bit of luck we might get there, too, eventually. One step at a time.