Celebrating Earth Day

Earty Day Mallorca -2-2

Please join us at Son Alegre in celebrating Earth Day today, April 22nd, an annual event first celebrated in 1970, and now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network.

Earth Day is celebrated in more than 190 countries this year and every year. The celebration is meant to make us aware of the environment, the planet earth, sustainability, the future of this planet and the survival of life on earth. Every day, but especially on Earth Day, we need to take a stand so that together we can show ourselves and the world a new direction. Now is the time to set an example.

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At Son Alegre we actually try to set an example every day of the year, but once a year we want to talk about it. Talk about our concerns and give gratitude to the earth and to nature for what she gives us on a daily basis, minute by minute.

Let us say thank you this Earth Day for what we are about to receive and let us contribute to help heal the wounds that we have inflicted on mother earth.

And let us not forget that the only thing that matters to Earth is everything we do.

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Introducing Our New Organic Cocó Barber White Wine

Cocó Barber Santanyí Mallorca

Vinya Son Alegre is happy to present the new white wine  of our 2014 season, the Cocó Barber 2014.

Our new Cocó Barber white wine is a composition of organically grown Malvasía and Chardonnay grapes in equal parts. Our grapevines were nine years old when the clusters were harvested, by hand, at the end of August 2014. Son Alegre is one of only a dozen vineyards of Mallorca cultivating all their vines according to EU organic farming standards following some principles of Biodynamic agriculture. The certificate of DEMETER (International Demeter Processing Standards) has not yet been awarded but an affiliation is said to be on its way.

Son Alegre - Chardonnay_

The young white wine was vinified at a controlled temperature of between 15 and 18º C during the fermentation process with a maceration of 20 days. The fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks. The wine matured for six months in the tanks and a further three months in the bottle. The wine was bottled in March 2015. The alcohol content is 13.5% vol. Only 8,000 bottles were produced. We would like to have had more of this wine but we are only a small vineyard. In any case, we are grateful for what we have been able to achieve. Cocó Barber 2014 white wine is best served at a temperature of 8º C and is well suited to the Mediterranean climate and the setting of Mallorca.

Son Alegre - Malvasía_

The Cocó Barber 2014 wine is best consumed at a temperature of 8º C and is well suited to the Mediterranean climate and the setting of Mallorca.

Cocó Barber Santanyí Mallorca 2

The artwork of this new wine’s label was created by Vera Edwards for a design competition which Vinya Son Alegre initiated in collaboration with the Ajuntament de Santanyí, the Cultural Association Lausa of Santanyí and the Agrupación Folclórica Es Mayoral of Calonge. Vera Edwards was born into a family of esteemed artists: her grandmother is Anne Berthelot, a sculptor of quite some fame in Cala d’Or. Vera’s great-grandfather was Robert Berthelot, a French-born painter and sculptor (1913-1995) who lived and worked in Mallorca from 1946 until his death, 20 years ago. Some of his work can still be seen in Mallorca, at the Oratori chapel of Cala Murta, at the church of Colònia de Sant Pere and at the church of s’Olivera (Palma). He also created the mosaic of the Juan March mausoleum at the municipal cemetery of Palma with scenes from the Old and New Testaments which, sadly, is not open to the general public.