Collaborating With Armero i Adrover In Felanitx


At Son Alegre, we are in the process of planning to build our own winery to be located in the village of Calonge. Until the time of its inauguration, we are using the facilities and the expertise of our good friend Luis Vicente Armero González of the Bodega Armero i Adrover in Felanitx to macerate, ferment, blend and produce our Son Alegre wines. This collaboration began in 2008 and we are proud of what has been coming to the market since then. We are deeply grateful to Luis Armero and his set-up for the work and enthusiasm given to our wines, combined with their devotion and tireless passion.

Their family-owned company was founded in Felanitx in 1992 by Luis Armero and his wife, Antonia Adrover. Before setting up their own company, Luis Armero already came from the world of winemaking, while Adrover’s family had owned vineyards in the Felanitx area for years. They are considered as pioneers in contemporary Mallorcan wines of present day. The company is highly respectful of the environment; their work and production are governed by environmental considerations.

At the Armero i Adrover winery, stainless steel maceration vats are employed calculated to macerate the grapes from each plot of land with a capacity of 6,000 litres and smaller ones of 3,300 litres, both featuring an internal temperature control system.

Armero i Adrover employs American and French oak barrels for the aging of their red wines.

stainless steel vats

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