Being Proud Of Our Ancestors

Son Alegre bisabuelos -1

Antoni Manresa and his wife Maria Capó were our great-grandparents. They were simple farmers. They practised agriculture the organic way, because that was the way agriculture was done in those days anywhere in Mallorca; there was no other option. Then, working the land was done according to biodynamic standards too because it was generally done this way on the island.

In the late nineteenth century farming was based on the phases of the moon, as was the way of life in general. The land was cultivated according to the season and always with respect for nature. For a farmer at that time there simply was no alternative. What was normal then, of course, unfortunately was lost over time due to so-called progress, and because that is what the multinationals wanted for their own benefit.

It may be time to evaluate what we have been given by our ancestors and learn from them to be in harmony with nature and in tune with the natural rhythm of life.

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