Allowing Nature Help Us Make Organic Wine

Son Alegre Fauna -1

Son Alegre is a young vineyard from Santanyí producing organic wine. No wine has been grown commercially in Santanyí since 1898 when the grape phyloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae), a microscopic, pale yellow sap-sucking insect, related to aphids or plant lice, played havoc with Mallorca’s wine industry. We are the first ones to have a go again, and we allow nature and her little helpers aid us make our wine. Our grapes are cultivated according to bio-dynamic principles. Son Alegre wine is made with nature’s help.

Son Alegre Fauna -2

At Son Alegre, we respect nature. We respect the soil, the countryside, the micro-climate, the birds, the insects and the wild flowers because we know that when we respect their existence and their environment and act in a responsible way, nature will help us make a better wine.

Son Alegre Native -1

Our ambition is to let nature be undisturbed in the best possible way. The more we respect the holistic interaction of this microcosm of our vine plants with the native flora, often mistakenly called weeds, and the interaction with native insects, bugs and tiny creatures, the more thriving and healthy our grapes will grow. We currently grow nine different grape varieties, four white ones and five red ones. So far, we have produced twelve different wines. 

You can gather more information from our Son Alegre website.

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