We Have a Winner

Vinyes Son Alegre SL has once more followed its tradition of instigating a creative competition for the design of its current wine labels. The contest was launched in partnership with the Ajuntament de Santanyí, the Cultural Association Lausa and the Cultural Association of Calonge, Es Mayoral. The event was open for all artists over the age of 18, local, national and international. Design labels were sought for the new wines under the names of Penya Bosca (for the Red wine), Roca Fesa (for the Rosé wine) and Es Faralló (for the White wine). This year’s design challenge was won in all three categories by local Santanyí artist, Llorenç Vidal Lledó, better known by his artist’s name, Garrit.


Enhorabuena, Garrit. Congratulations.

The bodega Vinyes Son Alegre SL is a young enterprise practising organic and biodynamic agriculture on the outskirts of Santanyí. We grow grapes, olives, almonds, carob and Xeixa wheat according to the principles of the Consell Balear de la Producció Agrària Ecològica and the European Union organic farming standards. Our wines thus continue in the tradition of quality wine making that has been practised in Santanyí over centuries but, sadly, was discontinued in 1895 due to the devastating effects of the Phylloxera vine pest.

We name our wines, such as Picarol, Sant Andreu, Sa Porta Murada, Es Pontàs, Sa Cala, S’Antigor, S’Aragal Blau, Cocó Barber or Penya Bosca, to name but a few, paying homage and tribute to local people, geographic landmarks, historic dates or other phenomena particular to our region in order to demonstrate our geographic, cultural and social roots here, in the Santanyí area and community.

Artists who have helped us design our wine labels in the past have included Jesús Pablo Camargo del Hoyo, Aina Noguera Tugores, Vera Edwards and Elena Sierra Forteza. We welcome Garrit (Llorenç Vidal Lledó) into our family of collaborators and friends and are looking forward to next year’s wine label competition, going then into its third year.


Launching Our Organic S’Antigor 2012 Red Wine

Son Alegre Santanyí - S;Antigor Negre 2012 - Mallorca

We proudly present our new organic red wine S’Antigor Negre 2012, cultivated from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes at a 50:50 ratio. Our vines had an average age of 6 years when the grapes were lovingly harvested by hand on September 12th and 14th, 2012. All our vines are cultivated according to EU organic farming standards following some biodynamic principles.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Vinification of this wine happened under strictly controlled conditions of temperatures between 25 and 28º C during the fermentation process in stainless steel tanks, followed by a maceration practice of 20 days. The aging process involved six months in stainless steel tanks, twelve months in French oak barrels and twelve months in the bottle. The wine was bottled in March 2014. The alcohol content of this new wine is of 15% Vol. A total of only 2,000 bottles was produced. That’s not much but sorry, we are only a small vineyard.


Our Son Alegre S’Antigor 2012 red wine will age well over 5 to 10 years and is best served at 15º C. S’Antigor 2012 is an elegant red wine and very pleasant to drink.

Son Alegre - S'Antigor_

For the design of the new wine’s label, Son Alegre last year initiated a design competition in collaboration with the Ajuntament de Santanyí, the Cultural Association Lausa of Santanyí and the Agrupación Folclórica Es Mayoral of Calonge. The artwork for the S’Antigor label was designed by Elena Sierra Forteza, the young lady in the centre of the photo below, next to the mayor of Santanyí, Don Llorenç Galmés Verger.

Certamen etiquetas Son Alegre Santanyí Mallorca

Designing Wine Labels, a Creative Competition


A creative competition was launched earlier this month by Vinyes Son Alegre SL in partnership with the Ajuntament de Santanyí, the Cultural Association Lausa and the Cultural Association of Calonge, Es Mayoral, for the design of wine labels. Three designs will be selected from all entries for Red, White and Rosé wines under the names of s’Antigor (for the Red wine), S’Aragall Blau (for the Rosé) and Cocó Barber (for the White wine). Each of the winning designs will be awarded the sum of 700 €. The contest is open to all artists over the age of 18. The deadline for the competition is October 30th, 2014, at 13:00 hours.

The competition winners will be announced during the celebrations of this year’s Festes de Sant Andreu in Santanyí, Mallorca (November 30th, 2014).

Detailed rules of the competition can be found on this PDF file.