Comprehending The Health Of Our Planet’s Ecosystems


Understanding the health of our planet’s ecosystems is the holistic understanding of agricultural activities in the long term period.

At Son Alegre, we cultivate our vines according to biodynamic principles, the holistic way of understanding the interaction of our soil with wildlife and insects that allows us to reconnect with nature.

To this end, we do not plough our vineyard with heavy machinery. We use biodynamic compost produced from the remains of grapes and other herbal and mineral components plus our own organic manure. We allow a vegetable cover all year round. We carry out pruning according to the lunar calendar. We perform all the tasks in the vineyard by hand. We refrain from the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers of any kind. We reduce, by more than 80%, the permitted doses of copper and sulfur used to prevent mildew. We use infusions of medicinal plant substance to prevent diseases.

In short, we simply allow nature to do its integrated and holistic task even if it leads to lesser quantities and a lower profit margin. Our respect for nature has so far regularly given us a good harvest. It may not always be perfect, but it is always in accordance with our sanity, health and peace of mind.

We want our soil to remain of good use for our future generations. We aim to give back to nature what nature has given us forever more.


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