Paying Homage to Pep Costa


Vinya Son Alegre is proud to honour Don Pep Costa with our Picarol 2013 wine, available in Red (Merlot), White (Malvasía/Chardonnay) and Rosé (Merlot, Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon). Don Pep Costa was the founder of Cala d’Or (Mallorca) in 1933. He was locally known as ‘Picarol‘ and we respectfully chose his name to commemorate his life’s achievements with our wine.

A festive act was celebrated yesterday at Bar Fernando in Cala d’Or during the Fiestas de Santa Maria del Mar in the presence of Margarita Serra Costa, Picarol’s granddaughter, and Elena López-Gil, Don Pep’s Great-Granddaughter. Also present were the mayor of Santanyí, Llorenç Galmés, and a number of other political dignitaries. The eulogy was delivered by Miquel Manresa, founder and Managing Director of Vinya Son Alegre.




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